OOO Nail Polish Review

Hi! Today I have a review of this awesome nail polish line called OOO Polish. It is the 1st and only line of African inspired nail polish. The owner kindly sent me 2 nail polishes to review. I chose Oloron and Ukachi. These polishes are really very good and are quick dry if you put a thin coat on your nails. The formula is so great, they can watermarble too! For the packing, they came in a small box filled with pieces of thermocol, sponge and foam to protect them from breaking during transit. This is a picture of the package:





This is Oloron. It is a glitter polish. It has micro glitter and a tinted green base. It has a holographic effect when in a well lit room. This swatch is with 5 thin coats a a layer of top coat. This polish dries really quick.. This also watermarbles but not as good as the next one I will be speaking about. This is about US$ 8 in the store.

You can watch a video of me applying is here: . Please do watch it 🙂

Here is some nail art I did with the polish as the base:

For the products used, visit my instagram page.


This is Ukachi. It is a pink shimmery polish. This watermarbles great!! This is such a light colour, you can use this as a clear polish for watermarbling and there will be a cool effect. This is also $8 on the website.

Here is the video of me applying it: . Please do watch it! 🙂

Here is some nail art done with this polish:

Again, for the products used, please visit my Instagram profile.

Overall, I would rate these polishes 9/10. They were really very easy to apply as you can see in the videos. You also get many other colours on her website. You should go and check it out! The shipping cost all over the world is also quite low.

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Author: Diya NailartLoom

Hey! My name is Diya Shah and I'm a self-taught nail artist from Mumbai. I have been doing nail art since September of 2014. I review products and do nail art tutorials on Instagram and Youtube.

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